Sunday, 28 August 2016

Takes of Gamers

Hi all

A group of us at the Southampton Sluggaz have decided to do a tale of gamer's and after some serious consideration we have selected GCT Studios - Bushido.

Its a great game that plays on a 2ft square board which leaves a great opportunity for the creation of some hopefully amazing boards.

The miniatures are beautiful and the setting a pseudo Japanese mythological world called the Jwar isles the ruling Clan has been cast down.

The plan is to pic factions and then spend September painting the starter and playing intro games.

Alex (Me) - The Jung Pirates
Mike - The Silvermoon Syndicate
Tom - The Ito Clan
Andy - The Prefecture of Ryu

Since then we have had a couple of others joined

Richard - Cult of Yurei
Keith - The Temple of Ro-Kan

Please follow along as we post completed pieces and battle reports on here.



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  1. Guys get a followers button on here, so I can follow this!

    I love this game and the starter sets, look forward to seeing what you do.